Hydraulic Pile Driver FR 160

FR 160 pile driver (vibro hammer) is the smallest pile driver from our product range. FR 160 pile driver can be mounted on excavators and backhoe-loader from 3 t, cranes and crane trucks.

FR 160 pile driver can be powered by hydraulic system of excavator, crane truck or to 20kW power pack e.g. PP4080.

The construction of the vibro hammer FR 160 has no analogues in the world. The design of this vibro hammer FR 160 was developed and patented by our company.



  • The advantage of this design is the very low noise level during the operation of the submerger and the low weight with sufficient power of the pile driver.
  • The vibro hammer FR 160 can practically be connected to any construction machine.

Low price, simple construction and high reliability make the vibro hammer FR 160 the best among the similar vibro hammers in the market.


Hydraulic Pile Driver FR 160
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Vibro Hammer Technical Data and Montage

Data Name Value
Dynamic Weight, kg 530
Rates Eccentric Speed, RPM 2700
Rated Frequency, Hz 45
Eccentric Moment, kN.m 19.7
Centrifugal Force, kN (t) 160 (16)
Amplitude Maximum, mm 8.8
Rated Fluid Flow, LPM 60
Fluid Work Pressure, bar 250
Hydraulic Fluid, recommended types mineral oils HL, HLP, HVLP ISO 32
Hydraulic Fluid Temperature Range, °C -20...+60
Clamp Force, kN (ton) 196,2 (20)
Puling Force Maximum (to pulling element), kN (t) 20 (2)
Piling Element Weight Maximum, kg 400
Immersion Depth for Piles, m up to 6
Maximum Tube Diametr, mm 325
Transport Overall Dimensions (protection incl.) LWH, cm 1050x920x640

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If you have questions on our Pile Driving FR 160, feel free to contact us.

FR 160