Hydraulic Pile Driver FR 1200

About Pile Driver FR 1200

FR 1200 pile driver is designed for immersion of large diameter pipe piles up to 2020 mm in diameter. The Pile driver FR 1200 can be equipped with 2 or 4 hydraulic clamps, depending on the diameter of the pipes.

High power of the pile driver FR 1200 in combination with the lowest price for a pile driver of this capacity makes the purchase of the vibrator FR 200 an advantageous one. The pile driver FR 1200 can be connected to the hydro power station PP 350600 and it can be used on a gooseneck crane with a load capacity of 25 tons.

FR 1200 corresponds to the characteristics of the vibratory pile driver PTS 60 HD and can be used as a replacement for it.


Hydraulic Pile Driver Montage
Pile Driver Montage
FR 1200 Vibro Hammer Technical Data
Eccentric moment (kgm) 60
Pressure (bar) 350
Centrifugal force (kN) 1200
Frequency (rpm) 1159
Hydraulic line speed (l/min) 300
Weight (kg) 5400

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FR 1200