Hydraulic Pile Driver FR 400

About Pile Driver FR 400

FR 400 is a powerful pile driver which provided the possibility of immersing t-beams, Larsen, pipes, logs. This pile driver has a central clamp welded into the common housing.

There is also a model of the FR 400 with removable hydraulic clamps. Replaceable hydraulic clamps are used for piling of wooden logs and pipes. The pile driver FR 400 can be connected to a hydraulic system of the excavator 20 - 30 tons or to a hydro power station with a capacity of 60 kW.

FR 400 pile driver can be mounted on a crane, excavator. or a drilling machine.


pile driver
Hydraulic Pile Driver Montage
Pile Driver Montage
FR 400 Vibro Hammer Technical Data
Eccentric moment (kgm) 10.1
Pressure (bar) 290
Centrifugal force (kN) 400
Frequency (rpm) 2200
Hydraulic line speed (l/min) 130
Weight (kg) 1550

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