Hydraulic Pile Driver FR 200

About Pile Driver FR 200

FR 200 pile driver (vibro hammer) is the most popular pile driver among our clients.  This pile driver has a simple and reliable design that allows us to offer a very low price. It is mounted on an excavator with a mass of 11 tons. It can also be used together with a 40 kW power pack e.g. РР60110, mounted on drilling machines or a hydraulic crane manipulator with a lifting capacity of 5 tones.

ONLY 8450 EUR EXW Finland


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pile driver
pile driver Montage
FR 160 Vibro Hammer Technical Data
Eccentric moment (kgm) 2.0
Pressure (bar) 160
Centrifugal force (kN) 200
Frequency (rpm) 2500
Hydraulic line speed (l/min) 80
Weight (kg) 450

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